Painting, photography, sculpture, but also theater, dance, music …. these will be the contents!
Mostrami presents the 6th Mostra-Evento in Milan: a composite art project dedicated to women. In spring 2013, the time of the year that best represents women, we will organize an event dedicated to the female figure, her strength, passion, energy and her vital role in the breaking of old balances, regenerating new ones and finding new resources.

While there is an increasing number of occasions of violence against women, we want to value the woman as an essential element of departure for a reflection that questions social, cultural, if not economic problematics we face today.

The final output will be an exhibition in the artistic heart of Milan with the works of young talents (painters, sculptors, photographers, designers) as well as several live performances.

Given the success of the 5th exhibition by Mostrami in Milan, which saw the presence of eminent guests in the field of antimafia and was attended by over 2000 visitors during the two-day event, the new project will follow the same footsteps and even propose new spaces for theater and music performances.

The Organizing Committee announces the opening of the call for the sixth edition of the artistic Mostra-Evento to be held in Milan next spring … the invitation is open to all young painters, sculptors, photographers, videoartists, streetartists who want to study a dedicated project.

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  • Collective (11)
  • Design (16)
  • Digital art (10)
  • Photo (279)
  • Painting (731)
  • Sculpture (129)
  • Videoart (22)


    Anna Mino

    Alessandro Pepe

    Denise Chesta

    SMOE Studio

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