Here are the numbers of the 5° MostraEvento of MostraMi: a special edition, totally different from the previous ones, that was held since 22nd to 25th of November 2012:

- over 2000 visitors at the shows of Saturday and Sunday

- more than 100 young participants at the opening conference

- 18 artists have exposed overall almost 70 works…..A GREAT SUCCESS THAT HAS OVERCOME ALL THE PREVIOUS EDITIONS! Thanks!

Here is the definitive video of the whole event…

Look at the invitation video to the exhibition…

e quello delle opere esposte:

and the one of the exhibited works:

Here the works realized during the event by our young artists!

It has been a true success, a composite and complex project: an occasion of study, reflection, confrontation among young artists on a really important theme, legality.

In the occasion of the twentieth of the mafia slaughters in Palermo, Rome, Florence and Milan we decided to focus on this theme, which has never been more current.

The final output was an artistic installation as well as continuous live performances and an exhibition with different works of young talents (painters, sculptores, photographers, streetartists) with the purpose to set a light on the culture of mafia, contrasting it with the culture of legality.

It was not a simple exhibition, but a great cultural working-site of rich contents, workshop, different activities.

The location: Brera, in the full center Milan and a site particularly important and meaningful for the thematics we faced, the CAM Garibaldi “Falcone Borsellino” in Corso Garibaldi 27, Saturday November24th and Sunday 25th (scheduled 10 am -10 pm): 15 young artists showed their personal projects and they exhibited in personal and collective performances during the two days of the event.

The MostraEvento was preceded by two important moments of listening / confrontation:

- an online survey (from October 24th to November 14th) dedicated to students and Italian young people under 30; a questionnaire of “co creation” to be administered during October to the greatest number of young people in Italy with the purpose to understand how much awareness they have of mafias, what opinion they have and also to pick possible sentences / quotations that will be then used for the artistic installation mentioned above; we have gathered 1280 questionnaires.

- A “factory “/ workshop, a collective, creative session (in partnership with Hub Milano), or rather an artistic laboratory in which about ten young artists from different regions of Italy can confront themselves with personalities of relief in the academic and in the antimafia world (teachers, writers, journalists) and develop meetings / laboratories.

We opened Thursday, November 22nd near the HUB Milan (via Paolo Sarpi 8) with the workshop dedicated the under 30s, “Youth and legality”, to continue the following day with a laboratory of the participting artists at closed doors.

The specific objectives of the whole project were:

- maintaining alive the memory of the slaughters creating an occasion of awareness / close examination and therefore cultural and social growth, most of all for the young generations,

- favoring a “passage of memory” among the generations

- to deepen the different positive values that rotate around legality to make them become referential in the scholastic, working, professional life of every individual.

Video, photo and details on our profiles twitter and facebook.

With the patronage of the Ordine degli Avvocati of Milan and the Coordinamento delle Scuole del la Legalità e la Cittadinanza Attiva (promoting Institutes: Marignoni-Polo, Leonardo da Vinci, Severi, Virgilio, Volta high schols). Thanks to all our sponsors and partners:


  • Collective (11)
  • Design (16)
  • Digital art (10)
  • Photo (279)
  • Painting (731)
  • Sculpture (129)
  • Videoart (22)


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    Alessandro Pepe

    Denise Chesta

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