Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0

Our artistic, cultural and social construction site published on the occasion of Expo Milan 2015, in collaboration with the Fondazione Bracco, who received the special mention of the prize culture + 2015 Enterprise.

Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0 was an awesome adventure in which we have given back to the citizens and tourists a place where to stay and where to “under the banner of collaboration, sharing and fun from mid-April 2015 at the Salone del Mobile, until November 1, 2015, in conjunction with the closing of Expo Milan 2015.

Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0 is a project created by Mostrami and wanted by the Fondazione Bracco, who has retrained and given new life to the former industrial area of 7000 square metres of the historic site of the pharmaceutical company located in via Folli 50, Lambrate area. Mostrami wanted to animate the space where young visual artists could become protagonists but it was a “house” for all that you could know and experience as many artistic incentive as possible. Exhibitions, concerts, workshops, workshops, dance halls, djset, jam sessions, performances entirely free are just some examples of the activities.

In total over 200 young visual artists have been involved in several exhibitions, and 20 thousand visitors were able to meet each other, get involved, participate, plunging into an artistic dimension in terms of reciprocity and openness!

Watch the video with all the projects realized by the birth of show me @Folli 50.0 Factory!

Download here the presentation of Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0.

Each month Show has set up a new exhibition with the works of emerging artists of the collective on ethical issues such as the link with the city, with the planet and the nature that surrounds us and womankind  as essential life force that must be valued and protected.

Here in detail the five MostrEvento landscaped and inaugurated during show me 50.0 @Folli Factory:

1° MostraEvento Mostrami Factory | Urban Nutrition | April 2015

2° MostraEvento Mostrami Factory | Memory feeds on the planet | June 2015

3° MostraEvento Mostrami Factory | Dialogue with the Earth | July 2015

4° MostraEvento Mostrami Factory | GEA: it’s a (wo) man’s world | September 2015

5° MostraEvento Mostrami Factory | Creative Arts hemispheres “feed the planet | October 2015

In several months Mostrami developed a huge network of partnerships between large and small companies, associations and informal groups of various kinds and also public institutions. Were more than 50 partners (Lambrate zone, but not only) that have animated Mostrami Factory: the dance hall, nettle agli Orti di Lambrate at Lambrate 23 Radio but also area Council, College and Academy of Brera, Milan Conservatory and the Accademia della Scala.

There are three major benefits achieved by the project Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0 :

1) environmental improvement and protection of the resources of the Lambrate district of Milan

2) cohesion, social solidarity and the community’s cultural growth of the neighborhood

3) employment, both of the young artists who were able to make themselves known and sell their works, both young men and students who work to show me every six months.

Overall, during the six-month Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0: 5 MostrEvento -20 , well organized exhibitions of partner associations-4 workshop with young emerging artists-9 shows and theatrical performances-2 movie nights-11 concerts-5 party & Djset-76 workshops for children-62 courses dedicated to adults.

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