Are you an emerging artist? Do you want to have visibility? Would you want to participate in the next show / event of MostraMi? Fill out the following form in all its parts and send us your works (in a zipped folder of the max dimension of 3Mb, every photo of your works must bring the name of the work and between 200 and 400 Kb): they will be verified from our committee and in positive case published on MostraMi; it has no costs! The works you present must be at least five different works.

Only if you want to enroll in the category videoart and send us a video, you will have to send only the link to the page of youtube / vimeo that contains your tape using the field “link video”: we will take the code from that page and we will insert it on the site of Mostrami.

All fields are mandatory; in your profile we will publish only your Name and Last name, website, if mentioned, the free text of description (it is obligatory, at least 10 lines) that you will send us and your works. The profiles without an suitable text – explaining your training, your technique, your poetry, your research, your current projects – will NOT be charged.

IMPORTANT: the works (at least 5) must be relative to a developed project/theme, developed in the different categories: painting, sculpture, photography, street art, video art, design. The organizing committee reserves the right to publish only the works which will be considered suitable for the platform as well as to NOT publish any work if not in line with the project Mostrami.

TO CHANGE YOUR PROFILE (it is possible once a year): send an email to, indicating exactly the changes or filling out the form again (you have to send the material in a single email, each photo should be about 300 kb, you can only enter 15 new jobs once a year)


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Per poter partecipare devi leggere tutti e tre i punti (che puoi leggere per esteso qui) ed approvarli marcando le caselle qui:
 Dichiaro di aver letto e compreso il regolamento di Mostrami e di accettarne tutte le regole riportate
 Dichiaro di aver letto e compreso la dichiarazione di liberatoria circa l'utilizzo delle mie opere all'interno del progetto Mostrami da parte degli organizzatori e dei soggetti partner e di accettarne in toto le condizioni
 Dichiaro di aver letto e compreso la dichiarazione di paternità circa le opere presentate/candidate per il progetto Mostrami e in tal senso sollevo gli organizzatori e i soggetti partner da qualunque responsabilità verso terzi e eventuali ulteriori aventi diritto sulle opere da me caricate/uplodate

Copy text you read:

*le immagini delle opere dovranno essere inserite in una cartella nominata col vostro NomeCognome e inviate obbligatoriamente compresse in un archivio (es. del peso massimo di 3Mb. Ogni file incluso nella cartella deve riportare il nome dell’opera e non essere superiore ai 200 Kb
L’unico formato immagini accettato è .jpg
Ogni immagine dovrà essere così nominata: NomeAutore-NomeOpera.jpg

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