Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0

July 16th – September 13th

Via Egidio Folli, 50 – Milan


Mostrami Factory celebrated the summer with the opening of the exhibition in which the young contemporary art was confronted with the issue of the Earth.

The Earth as a source of nourishment, as the basis around which everything develops and evolves. The exhibition space Folli 50.0, is rotated around the theme of nature, to appreciate in all its different meaning. The message that the call has wanted to launch the idea of ​​a positive comparison between different cultures, different ways of living, different traditions and different customs, but also the different landscapes and territories. Earth and Nature, then, like mirrors human heterogeneity and biodiversity. As always young artists, photographers, painters, sculptors and video artists they were confronted and interrogated, declining the theme in different shades, but all focused on the development of our planet.

So it’s with pleasure that we inform you that the artists who participated to the collective are:

While below we give you the list of the winners :

  1. First position: Giuliano Cataldo Giancotti
  2. Second position: Kalina Dainalova
  3. Third position: Abele Malpiedi

Come and find us and our young artists for the next exhibition at Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0 , Via Egidio Folli , 50 and keeping up to date on our weekly program .

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  • Digital art (10)
  • Photo (279)
  • Painting (731)
  • Sculpture (129)
  • Videoart (22)


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