Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0

From April 13 to April 19, 2015

Via Egidio Folli, 50 (Milano)


Mostrami returns with his new MostraEvento, the first of the “Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0″ …. and it’s going to be something completely different from previous editions..

Before talking about the exhibition, in fact, we must tell you something more about the new adventure in which we launch in :) Mostrami has been involved by Fondazione Bracco to plan and organize an exciting project, which starts with the Fuori Salone del Mobileand lasts for the entire Expo. Fondazione Bracco entrusted Mostrami the artistic direction of a former historical industrial space of over 7,000 square meters, which aims to become a for artistic, cultural and social breeding ground.

The Factory, during six months, wants to become a “square” in which the different arts can meet and become contaminated through exhibitions, laboratories, workshops and courses in photography, comics, history of art, film screenings, parties , theater, dance etc.

Young art is going to have a leading role; it will be adressed to different audiences and different generations: from children to senior..

The opening of the space Folli50.0 is on April 13, 2015, and a big opening party is organized, which will involves you all and gives you the opportunity to get to know what will be the project, its exhibitions and its courses (click here for further information). From May 14, 2015, the project will be completely defined.

Moreover, in the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, you will witness of an anticipation of what “Mostrami @ Folli50.0 Factory” will be for all the months of Expo: an exhibition space for comparison, exchange and fun.

Our young artists, digital artists, photographers, painters, sculptors and video artists have been called to send their works, through a call, whose theme is “Urban Nourishment”. Urban Nourishment is meant as an interactive relationship between the subjects and the landscape, between man and the buildings, which have been created over time, between the people and the contamination of environment. The collective is here.

Mostrami has always set itself the goal of promoting and supporting the young art as an engine of social and cultural growth. In the same time, our project brings art into everyday life of anyone.

This theme, and the exhibition place, is the perfect mix to bring to life our the project “@ Folli50.0 Factory”.

In addition to visiting the exhibition “Urban Nourishment”, we will give you the opportunity to participate in many workshops and take part in many exciting dance nights. Moreover, at the entrance of the space, you will see our streetartists at work, who will make a huge graffit, which will fill content related to various arts.

“Mostrami@ Folli50.0 Factory” is an idea in progress, which wants to be able to connect different people, and share something, which is “beautiful and good”.

After all, you cannot miss the inauguration of the artistic, cultural and social Mostrami’s shipyard, and enjoy our exhibition “Nourishment Urban” and the courses and workshops of the first opening week, from 13 to 19 April.

Here you can find the schedule of the week of activities that are taking place during the FuoriSalone! We look forward to see you, in Folli street, 50 (3 minutes from Ventura – Lambrate!)


  • Collective (11)
  • Design (16)
  • Digital art (10)
  • Photo (279)
  • Painting (731)
  • Sculpture (129)
  • Videoart (22)


    Anna Mino

    Alessandro Pepe

    Denise Chesta

    SMOE Studio

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