Exhibitions, paintings, performances, installations: these are all the events that Mostrami creates with its own artists.

We offer numerous events for our clients-partners or in collaboration with other associations. The artistic event is an opportunity and an instrument of Corporate Social Responsibility for partners who share our vision: young art as a driver of social development, to entertain, learn more about their customers, suppliers or employees and to have the opportunity to communicate to new ones. Our partner companies, marrying Mostrami, broaden their communication in an original way, staring at the art and culture as real strategic assets.
Alongside these events, our regular appointments are the two MostreEvento in Milan (here in the menu on the right you find links with photos and video of all editions), in late spring and late autumn.

The last one, the number 8, will focus on the enhancement of women… and we asked our artists to work on this thought.

Italy is facing a dramatic situation from the point of view of social, cultural and economic, but on closer inspection, the difficulties are extended internationally.

Probably the Western economy has failed, probably the modern Western culture di the same.Hunger, poverty, pollution, war, economic instability, financial and political are only the most clear evidence of this failure.

The whole community really needs to reflect and seriously to question  itself and to do so we will probably need more and more women, they will be able to break old balance and break vicious occasions to produce a new balance and find new resources.

Qui altre notizie sull’evento!

In the meantime you can watch pictures and videos of our previous editions: Mostrami 1, Mostrami 2, Mostrami 3, Mostrami 4, Mostrami 5, Mostrami 6, Mostrami 7 ….enjoy! :)

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