You can born artist but you need to become well known and appreciated! MostraMi gives to all young artists (painters, sculptors and photographers) the opportunity to show their talent and their value.

The project was born in Milan but it will spread very soon to other Italian cities…. it starts from a journey in the heart of the smashing city of Milan and it would put in a great consideration the young artists who grew up with the city itself and those who are inspired by the city day by day.

In this section of the website we will give you the opportunity to share your comments, ideas, news about the art world.

Contemporary art on vacation: exhibitions and artworks also in airport!

Art get off in a lot of airport. What kind of art? Modern, contemporary and also emerging! Exhibitions, artworks or art experiences are organized in Italian, European and Worldwide airports. Summer is the vacations' time, so why not to talk about airports?...

Mostrami is looking for young artists for a group exhibit at Castello Sforzesco (Milano)

Mostrami announces the opening of a Call for the selection of a maximum of five young contemporary artists among painters, sculptors, photographers and/or street-artists. The candidate artworks should represent the topic of lawfulness with a view to Italian South regions....

Young contemporary art as a driver of social development: it works!


Giovane arte contemporanea: la curatrice Serena Calò ci parla di lei e ci racconta dell’ultima mostra di cui si è occupata, “Street View”, del giovane artista Nicola Piscopo.


Emerging artists – here all the contests and awards for you!

Calls and prizes: a lot of contests to promote contemporary art in Italy. Street art, video art, painting, sculpture, graphic, design, installation... a lot of new calls for young artists and not only! Here are some selected for you......

Marina Abramović: l’artista pioniera del linguaggio performativo

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Il mercato dell’arte contemporanea: terza e ultima puntata!


L’arte è up-cycling con il progetto Tappo’st! Flash Interview a Luigi Masecchia…

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Il mercato dell’arte contemporanea: seconda puntata!


Il mercato dell’arte contemporanea: spunti per inQUADRarlo meglio!

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“Le circostanze non sono favorevoli”: inaugura a Milano la mostra di Leandro Russo


Il fotografo contemporaneo Franco Donaggio si racconta in occasione della sua mostra “SurREALE”

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Mostra “E pluribus unum”: flash interview con l’artista Francesco Messina

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Eventi e manifestazioni per un 25 aprile all’insegna dell’arte e della cultura

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Arte contemporanea e marketing: una strategia vincente”..


Arte contemporanea a Milano: un Fuori Salone all’insegna degli eventi artistici…


Course and exhibition – The art of the great painter Kandinskij

A great opportunity for all the art lovers and not only .. Mostrami is partner of Corsi Corsari for the next initiative that the organisation is launching: a course and a guided tour to get in touch with the art of Vassilij Kandinskij....

Workshop: emotional intelligence & contemporary art

Initiatives about art and with art in Milan: Mostrami comes back with a workshop about "Emotional intelligence through contemporary art" Saturday, 5th April 2014 @ Frigoriferi Milanesi – Milan The workshop aims at introducing the emotional intelligence, proposing a brief study of the contemporary art world and having a purely ...

Kandinskij: course and exhibition. Flash interview with Silvia Ferrari Lilienau

On the occasion of Vassilij Kandinskij’s exhibition in Milan, Mostrami promotes Corsi Corsari’s initiative "The art of the great painter Kandinsky" ... here, one of our flash interview with the professor Silvia Ferrari Lilienau: she will lead the participants discovering the great artist through a course and a subsequent guided ...

Mostre, festival e fiere d’arte contemporanea nella primavera 2014

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