You may be born as an artist but if no one knows you it’s no more fun! MostraMi gives to all young artists (painters, sculptors and photographers) the opportunity to show their talent and their value.

The project is now based in Milan but very soon it’s going to spread all over Italy! Everything started from a journey in the heart of Milan, a journey that was intended to put in great consideration the young artists who grew up in the city and constantly use it as an inspirational engine.

In this section of the website we will give you the opportunity to share your comments, ideas, news about the art world.

Events made by our new emerging artists

We are back with the next artistic events and exhibitions, featuring (or made by!) our emerging artists. :)

Shows and exhibitions of April

Here we are again with news about Art events and exhibitions held all over Italy! There you can find some events that will go on until late May. Finally, we would like to remember to those who are in Milan from the 4th to the 9th of April, that the city is going to host the universally renowned "Fuorisalone", with thousands of design-centred events scattered all over the city.

Tenders & contests: the latest opportunities for young emerging artists!

Here we are with a new selection of tenders, call and contest for you young emerging artists of our collective: here are some competitions in painting, sculpture, video art and more to test your talent!

Art shows, exhibitions & labs of the end of March!

Art shows, exhibitions and art workshops for families with children await you in this second half of March scattered in major cities of Italy... here below our tips for having great first days of spring! :)

Let’s Discover Autography: the app against vandalism!

The young and emergent artists of our collective, especially street artists and writers, are definitely going to appreciate the topic we are about to introduce: Autography, the first app against graffiti, created by the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence.

Our young artists tell us about Officina Sociale!

On the 2nd and 9th day of March the workshop "Officina Sociale" took place at the prison of Bollate. This was an initiative created by Mostrami, in collaboration with "LaFucina" and "The".

Young emerging artists and their events: here’s the schedule!

Exhibitions, performances and many other artistic events by our young emerging artists will mark the beginning of the best time of year: spring ;)

New appointments with art for children and adults!

Here we are again with our latest short selection of artistic events, you can take part in Milan, Bologna, Padua and many other italian cities!

We’re looking for young curators

We're sorry but candidacy is no longer available. However, keep visiting our site, you may find something interesting in the future! :)

Artists: here are all the call and contest of the moment!

Young emerging artists, we propose you some call and contest that we have found right for you and we hope that they may interest you ... do not worry, there's something to suit everybody's taste: painting, video, drawing, photography and much more! As usually we wish our best wishes to those who will put themself into the game and take advantage of these opportunities! ;) Officine Fratti - Creative Space Applications are open for young artists between 18 and 35 years old, from all over Italy, who have innovative design idea for the regeneration of an urban space, thus transforming business idea into a business project. Deadline: April 3 Sections: visual arts Registration Fee: Free More infos at the link. Riprenditi la città The film makers will have to make videos shorter than one minute duration, which will tell the perception of light in the places of the city and its role as the enhancement of urban and social gathering spaces. Deadline: April 21 Sections: Video Registration Fee: Free Other infos here. Disorder Those interested in participating in the call will have to represent, through the graphic arts, situations that have as protagonists an unfamiliar person, an object, a state of mind, etc. Deadline: April 28 Sections: graphic arts Registration Fee: Free Here for other infos. Maruguerite The tender is for the script of a short animated film in less than five minutes in duration and in 2d. The winner will have 300 euro. Participants can send a maximum of three screenplays. Deadline: April 15 Sections: videomaker Registration Fee: Free You will find the other details at this link. Home The Foundation Piedmont A. Gramsci Institute organized a competition for young designers under 35, for creating visual free style's work of art that has to do with one of the topics discussed by Gramsci. Deadline: March 30 Sections: visual arts Registration Fee: Free For more details here's the call. Wunderkammern effimere 2017 The visual artists who decide to apply will have to submit works related to the white color, the ephemeral side of art and the relationship between art, reality and the network, with a maximum size 35 x 35 x h25 cm. Deadline: April 15 Sections: visual arts Registration Fee: Free More info here. A work for the castle The artists aged between 21 and 36 years old are invited to submit site-specific projects, with particular reference to the scenic walkways and picturesque Parade Ground of the Castle of St. Elmo (NA). The winner will receive 10.000 Euros. Deadline: May 22 Sections: visual arts Registration Fee: Free Other infos here. Made OF Sicily The new project, whose Mostrami is the main partner, is Sicily & Sicilians aimed at promoting and upgrading Sicily. The artists that want to join them must be aged between 16 and 40 years and be Sicilian. The winner will receive a prize of 500 Euros. Deadline: March 15, 2017 Section: painting, photography, digital art, sculpture, street art, video art Registration Fee: Free Find the other details of the call here.

Latest winter shows, exhibitions and art workshops

The winter is finally ending, but fortunately for us the shows, exhibitions and art labs never end!

New notices and call for emerging artists!

We propose a new selection of calls, calls and artistic opportunities throughout Italy dedicated to young painters, photographers, digital artists, sculptors, street artists, emerging videoartist.

Appointments with art in February!

February is upon us and we want that you spend it in the best way possible, so do not miss appointments with the art that we announce from this month to live exciting art experiences to remember! ;)

The new exhibitions of our artists!


New notices and call for you emerging artists :)

New year ... new calls and opportunities to be seized upon by you emerging artists! Mostrami wishes all young painters, photographers, digital artists, sculptors, street artists, videoartist who decide to attend a big good luck :)

Unmissable exhibitions in Italy and Europe in 2017

Here is a selection of exhibitions in Italy and Europe that will take place in 2017 and that you cannot miss, just chosen by Mostrami for you! ;)

Events, exhibitions and artistic shows for the new year ;)

At the beginning of the new year, Mostrami does not want to miss the opportunity to suggest new artistic manifestations, events, exhibitions devised exclusively for you! ;)

Exhibitions, events & lab for an artistic Christmas! :)

We are already in mid-December and Christmas is coming ... but don't you know what kind of present to do yet? Do you want to find something original, low cost? Why not opt for an artistic event?

Art Beat – results, options and donation

We thank all participants of Art Beat Collection Fund, and especially those who have contributed to the fundraising with an option and purchasing the works or leaving donations.

Art Beat: catalog and auctioned works

Art Beat Collection Fund, the exhibition with the sale of the works of over 50 of Mostrami's collective and more than 100 works of charity for the people of Central Italy.
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