You can born artist but you need to become well known and appreciated! MostraMi gives to all young artists (painters, sculptors and photographers) the opportunity to show their talent and their value.

The project was born in Milan but it will spread very soon to other Italian cities…. it starts from a journey in the heart of the smashing city of Milan and it would put in a great consideration the young artists who grew up with the city itself and those who are inspired by the city day by day.

In this section of the website we will give you the opportunity to share your comments, ideas, news about the art world.

Young artists: here some calls for you!


Art exhibitions: the program for the first months of 2016


Workshop, exhibitions and events not to be missed

Mostrami has selected for you some of the most interesting artistic, social and cultural events scheduled in the coming days. By events for children and families to call for young artists, a selection of events in and around Milan and throughout the national territory!...

Art on Iconic Shapes works at House event in Bari

From 19th to 22nd of  November will take place in Bari the second stage of House - The place of inspiration, a creative event that will see inside an exhibition by Mostrami, workshops, speech and more. House focuses on the contents of the many aspects of creativity, inspiration, expressed through ...

Video and figures about the first edition of Mostrami Factory


Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: program from 29 October to 1 November

The last week of this first edition of Mostrami Factory has arrived and this time, in addition to the usual wide range of courses and workshops, we propose you a painting workshop for students of the Academy of Brera, a Clown show for children and families and a musical battle with ...

Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: program from 22 to 25 October

Next to last week of programming at Mostrami Factory with the usual wide range of courses and workshops for adults and children. In addiction to the program, this week, an evening about tango, a workshop for children to experience between photography and sculpture and, last but not least, a creative ...

Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: program from 15 to 18 October

This week don't miss the opening of the new MostraEvento - "Emisferi Creativi - Arts Feed the Planet " scheduled Thursday 15 at 7:00 p.m. Creativity as nourishment of the planet, as a ...

Artistic call for the Exhibition: “The art of Beauty” with the Laboratory “The Beauty in Factory”

With great pleasure we propose two Call for an Exhibition, not in FactoryFolli 50.0, but in a space very different but very interesting: Centro Diagnostico Italiano, Saint Bon 36 - Milano, one of the most important health! The Exibition collect the works of painting, sculpture, photography on the theme "ART ...

“HOUSE – The Place of Inspiration” 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 October 2015


Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: program from 8 to 11 October


Workshop in Factory “Art on Iconic Shapes” – the winners


Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: program from 1 to 4 October


(ITA) Giovani Artisti: Ecco un bando per voi


Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: program from 24 to 27 september


Workshop in Factory “Art on Iconic Shapes”


Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: program from 17 to 20 september


Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: program from 10 to 13 september

Mostrami present the new program: events, workshops and performances. The courses, for children and adults, is always free and open to all! Thursday 10 (3:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.): 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.: Marketing of art’s ...

Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: programma dal 3 al 6 settembre


Call 4 Artists: Art on Iconic Shapes

Painters, sculptors, photographers, streeartists .... "ART ON ICONIC SHAPES" LAB, a call that is completely new in the history of our collective, is now open!!! Where did we start!?!?!? From the assumption that "shape is not substance, but each substance has its own shape." ...
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