You can born artist but you need to become well known and appreciated! MostraMi gives to all young artists (painters, sculptors and photographers) the opportunity to show their talent and their value.

The project was born in Milan but it will spread very soon to other Italian cities…. it starts from a journey in the heart of the smashing city of Milan and it would put in a great consideration the young artists who grew up with the city itself and those who are inspired by the city day by day.

In this section of the website we will give you the opportunity to share your comments, ideas, news about the art world.

The new exhibitions of our artists!

We are sure tha the new year will bring us a lot of new events of the young emerging artist of our collective. Here bytheway there is for you few tips for the events in January...for the others keep in touch! ;) V E N U S From January 15 to 22, 2017 ...

New notices and call for you emerging artists :)

New year ... new calls and opportunities to be seized upon by you emerging artists! Mostrami wishes all young painters, photographers, digital artists, sculptors, street artists, videoartist who decide to attend a big good luck :)

Unmissable exhibitions in Italy and Europe in 2017

Here is a selection of exhibitions in Italy and Europe that will take place in 2017 and that you cannot miss, just chosen by Mostrami for you! ;)

Events, exhibitions and artistic shows for the new year ;)

At the beginning of the new year, Mostrami does not want to miss the opportunity to suggest new artistic manifestations, events, exhibitions devised exclusively for you! ;)

Exhibitions, events & lab for an artistic Christmas! :)

We are already in mid-December and Christmas is coming ... but don't you know what kind of present to do yet? Do you want to find something original, low cost? Why not opt for an artistic event?

Art Beat – results, options and donation

We thank all participants of Art Beat Collection Fund, and especially those who have contributed to the fundraising with an option and purchasing the works or leaving donations.

Art Beat: catalog and auctioned works

Art Beat Collection Fund, the exhibition with the sale of the works of over 50 of Mostrami's collective and more than 100 works of charity for the people of Central Italy.

The new exhibitions of the artists of our collective :)

Here are the new artistic events and exhibitions with the works of young artists, painters, sculptors and photographers of our collective!

New opportunities for young artists

Here's another series of contests and call dedicated to emerging artists do not let you get away!

Our young artists of the collective on display ;)

Our young artists of the collective are waiting at their exhibitions and artistic events to help you discover their new works!

Exhibitions, lab & artistic events of November

With November it has now reached the cold, but do not worry, the art's world is anything but lethargic ;)!

Tenders & Calls for emerging artists ;)

Here's another round of notices and calls for young, emerging artists that will have the opportunity to participate in residencies, exhibitions and prizes!

Artistic tricks or treats!

The most frightening and entertaining night of the year is approaching ... and we do not want that you spend it without art! ;) So here we are to suggest exhibitions, events, contemporary art exhibitions scheduled in late October and Halloween creative workshops for kids!

The exhibitions and events of our artists!

Exhibitions, events and performances, you will find something for every of you! Our friends and the artists of Mostrami will be on display with their jobs on several occasions in the coming days and as always the invitation is to go to find them and to know them.

Exhibitions, events and lab of October :)

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the artistic world that awaits you during the month of October ?! Below is our list of tips on great shows, exhibitions of contemporary art, but also events and courses for adults and children, not to be missed! :)...

The opportunities for emerging artists in the coming months!

Painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, designers, graphic artists and videoartist are ready to nominate your work to the next calls for emerging artists maturing in the coming months? So we hope you will find the right one for you .... good luck ;)

Tips & Tricks for an autumn full of art!

With the end of September autumn approaches, this year it promises to be full of art! In fact with the first yellow leaves will also come a series of major exhibitions, the exhibitions of the avant-garde painting of the Masters works of '900 to those of contemporary international artists!

The events of the artists of our collective

Are you curious to discover new artists of our collective, their new works and where expose ?! Perfect ;) , below you will find events, exhibitions and scheduled exhibitions of our artists in the coming months!

Flash Interview with the artists Cavallaro and Martegani

The emerging artists of our collective Cavallaro Cinzia and Valentina Martegani, aka Cavallaro Martegani, tell us in this flash interview they particular path as an artistic duo.

Exhibitions, events & lab in August and September!

Have you finished the holidays and your mood is not the best? Do not worry, here is our list of regular art exhibitions, events and workshops even for the little ones, to dye your back with the colors of art :)
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