You can born artist but you need to become well known and appreciated! MostraMi gives to all young artists (painters, sculptors and photographers) the opportunity to show their talent and their value.

The project was born in Milan but it will spread very soon to other Italian cities…. it starts from a journey in the heart of the smashing city of Milan and it would put in a great consideration the young artists who grew up with the city itself and those who are inspired by the city day by day.

In this section of the website we will give you the opportunity to share your comments, ideas, news about the art world.

The artist – Flash interview to the young sculptor Elias Naman

Elias Naman, young sculptor of the Mostrami's collective, tells us something about himself in a brief interview that talks about his art project, his vision of art and his just ended experience during Mostrami 8. Right at the end of this occasion of art sharing, "Art for women - Women feed ...

The artist – Flash interview to the young painter Giada Fedeli

Giada Fedeli, winner of the Technical Committee's Prize, is a painter of the collective of Mostrami's young artists. Giada, with 13 other artists, exhibited her works about the enhancement of women, during the eight exhibit of Mostrami "Art for women - Women feed the planet". In this flash interview Giada ...

Mostrami e il Liceo Artistico Caravaggio di Milano per Art For Women, Le donne nutrono il pianeta.

During the VIII exhibition "Art For Women - Women feed the planet" Mostrami will cooperate with the Art School “Caravaggio” of Milan, too. Some of the students, after a deep reflection on the role of women done in class, have produced a number of works on the theme of the ...

Art For Women diventa un contest su Instagram

"Art For Women - Women feed the planet" will dye Instagram pink. Thanks to the support of Instagramers Milano we organized a contest dedicated to the enhancement of women and to the gender equality. In order to participate the instagramers will have to post their photos: the photos have to ...

Art For Women, Women feed the Planet: here the artists who will exhibit!

Mostrami comes back in the beautiful Palazzo Giureconsulti where the project was born four years ago. The VIII Mostraevento will be hold there and  will be dedicated to women. An exceptional location for such an important issue! 14 young artists painters, sculptors and photographers, both Italian and foreign, will be involved ...

A tutti i giovani artisti, presentiamo la Fondazione Federica Galli ed il suo corso d’incisione!


L’Arte contemporanea si mette in mostra!


Giovani artisti, la 2° puntata dell’intervista al fotografo Luca Pierro


L’artista – Intervista al giovane fotografo Luca Pierro


Young artists here some new competitions – 2° episode

Painters, photographers, video artists and illustrators, as we promised, here is the second part that speaks about the calls and competions dedicated to you during the autumn… Time flies…Hurry to participate! IV edition SINESTESIE ...

Call for artists to show during the MostraEvento VIII about women

Mostrami announces the opening of a Call for artists to select a group of ten European contemporary artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, street-artists and video-artists). We are now organizing our MostraEvento VIII about the valorization of women and gender equality, considering not only Italy, but also the other European ...

Young artists: here some Calls for you!

Here are some new awards for our rising artists published by cultural associations. Contemporary art gets closer and closer to social themes and we would like to show you some calls and competitions aimed at street artists, video artists, painters, sculptors, photographers and illustrators....

Social Art: Mostrami for legality in Castello Sforzesco

Mostrami young painters, sculptors, photographers and street-artists will show their artworks for legality. Mostrami talks about legality in an exhibit that will set up in Castello Sforzesco on September 26th and 27th 2014. We go back talking about legality because we talk about this topic ...

Young contemporary art: Alberto Zanchetta, director of Lissone Contemporary Art Museum talks about young artists and Lissone Prize.

Interview of Alberto Zanchetta, artistic director of Lissone Contemporary Art Museum and person in charge of organization of Lissone Prize for young artists. Alberto Zanchetta talks about himself, about the prize and about young art. Contemporary Art Museum of Lissone collection is composed by artworks of ...

Art for social issues: contemporary art against violence against women

It was the topic about whose our young artists worked during the VI MostraEvento... and we think that it is still important to talk about! A few months ago, a ...

Contemporary art on vacation: exhibitions and artworks also in airport!

Art get off in a lot of airport. What kind of art? Modern, contemporary and also emerging! Exhibitions, artworks or art experiences are organized in Italian, European and Worldwide airports. Summer is the vacations' time, so why not to talk about airports?...

Mostrami is looking for young artists for a group exhibit at Castello Sforzesco (Milano)

Mostrami announces the opening of a Call for the selection of a maximum of five young contemporary artists among painters, sculptors, photographers and/or street-artists. The candidate artworks should represent the topic of lawfulness with a view to Italian South regions....

Mostrami News: what happens in next months?

Mostrami, your favorite collective of artists, is now planning a few new activities for next fall... so before we'll go in vacation we announce to you them! The activities will be address to painters, sculptors, street-artists, videoartists and photographers... and, obviously to our public of contemporary art ...

Young contemporary art as a driver of social development: it works!


Giovane arte contemporanea: la curatrice Serena Calò ci parla di lei e ci racconta dell’ultima mostra di cui si è occupata, “Street View”, del giovane artista Nicola Piscopo.

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