You may be born as an artist but if no one knows you it’s no more fun! MostraMi gives to all young artists (painters, sculptors and photographers) the opportunity to show their talent and their value.

The project is now based in Milan but very soon it’s going to spread all over Italy! Everything started from a journey in the heart of Milan, a journey that was intended to put in great consideration the young artists who grew up in the city and constantly use it as an inspirational engine.

In this section of the website we will give you the opportunity to share your comments, ideas, news about the art world.

(ITA) Mostrami va in vacanza… in attesa di Mostrami Factory!


Artistic calls and contests for the end of summer!

Mostrami's team holidays are approaching, but before we say good-bye for a short break, we would like to give you a list of artistic calls and contests for the end of summer. You will find opportunities for photography, visual arts, video art and even textile art! Enjoy the reading!

The new exhibitions for July, also for children!

Also for the end of this summer month we have selected exhibitions, workshops and events for both adults and children, to offer you a relief during these hot days! Dear readers, do not miss the opportunity to spend some time with art and culture, have a good reading!

Contests of July for emerging artists

Here you can find a selection of calls and contests for emerging artists and also for everyone you would like to challenge himself this summer. You will find initiatives for photography, sculpture, and visual arts!

Ecology and Art: creativity lessons from Africa

On Sunday the 25th of June RiartEco, the exhibition combining art and ecology to transform waste material into works of art, ended, and we thought about telling you something more on some authors who have made recycled and reusing their strong suit to express themselves.

The new June-July expositions, even for children!

Here for you, both adults and children, a new selection of expositions, shows and workshops which will entertain you during these hot summer days! Never miss the chance to have fun, but don't forget to always learn something new!

Some contests of June and July for you emerging artists

Here are some contests aimed not only at emerging artists, but anyone interested in testing himself. You will find initiatives concerning the world of visual art, photography, cinema and videomaking. Enjoy your reading!

Events and exhibitions of June

For all of you, artists, some new events and expositions that are going to be held in the month of June and that will feature some artists from our collective! Whatsmore, we propose you some projects addressed to children and families, so that you can learn and have fun at the same time. Enjoy!

Calls and contests of June open for emerging artists

Here for you young artists some contests and calls that are about to end within the month of June: photography, design, visual art, street art... there's enough for everyone! All you have to do is to read below and try!

Expositions and events of June

Here for all of you emerging artists a selection of exhibitions and events that are going to be held on June that attracted our attention. Don't miss them!

Expositions and events of May

Here we are again with a new selection of events and exhibitions for you all, which are going to be held on the month of May. You will even find expositions featuring some young artists of our community, so don't miss them!

Contests and calls: the new opportunities of May for young emerging artists!

Here we are with a new selection of calls and contests dedicated to young and emerging artists: you are going to find contests about sculpture, photography, visual and video art so that you can challenge yourself and prove your skills!

Events made by our new emerging artists

We are back with the next artistic events and exhibitions, featuring (or made by!) our emerging artists. :)

Shows and exhibitions of April

Here we are again with news about Art events and exhibitions held all over Italy! There you can find some events that will go on until late May. Finally, we would like to remember to those who are in Milan from the 4th to the 9th of April, that the city is going to host the universally renowned "Fuorisalone", with thousands of design-centred events scattered all over the city.

Tenders & contests: the latest opportunities for young emerging artists!

Here we are with a new selection of tenders, call and contest for you young emerging artists of our collective: here are some competitions in painting, sculpture, video art and more to test your talent!

Art shows, exhibitions & labs of the end of March!

Art shows, exhibitions and art workshops for families with children await you in this second half of March scattered in major cities of Italy... here below our tips for having great first days of spring! :)

Let’s Discover Autography: the app against vandalism!

The young and emergent artists of our collective, especially street artists and writers, are definitely going to appreciate the topic we are about to introduce: Autography, the first app against graffiti, created by the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence.

Our young artists tell us about Officina Sociale!

On the 2nd and 9th day of March the workshop "Officina Sociale" took place at the prison of Bollate. This was an initiative created by Mostrami, in collaboration with "LaFucina" and "The".

Young emerging artists and their events: here’s the schedule!

Exhibitions, performances and many other artistic events by our young emerging artists will mark the beginning of the best time of year: spring ;)

New appointments with art for children and adults!

Here we are again with our latest short selection of artistic events, you can take part in Milan, Bologna, Padua and many other italian cities!
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