You can born artist but you need to become well known and appreciated! MostraMi gives to all young artists (painters, sculptors and photographers) the opportunity to show their talent and their value.

The project was born in Milan but it will spread very soon to other Italian cities…. it starts from a journey in the heart of the smashing city of Milan and it would put in a great consideration the young artists who grew up with the city itself and those who are inspired by the city day by day.

In this section of the website we will give you the opportunity to share your comments, ideas, news about the art world.

Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: programma dal 28 al 31 maggio


Mostrami Factory Live Graphic Contest

PLEASE NOTICE: THE DATE FOR THE REGISTRATION TO THE CONTEST WAS MOVED TO 20 MAY; IF SELECTED, GRAPHICS SHOULD BE EQUIPPED WITH THE ADAPTER FOR VGA/HDMI. Mostrami is back with a new opportunity for young artists ... while we define the program for the reopening of Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0, we launch a new challenge: a live graphic contest in several sessions that aims to involve 20 different participants. What is it? The contest will focus on the definition of a graphic (artwork), with a pay-off for a t-shirt dedicated to Mostrami: the artists will compete to build the "Mascot - Folly" of the project Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0. The artwork must be placed inside the t-shirt along with a pay-off, which encloses the mood and spirit of the project. "Folly" wants to be a real mascot, completely representing the spirit and activity of the Factory: a place where everyone can "stay and do well" and where the different arts, the visual sense, but also the music, theater and cinema, live in harmony. Dates: The graphic live contest will take place on Thursday 21 and Friday. On May 22, 2015, the winner will be announced during the final evening with cocktail party and DJ sets. Each sessions of the contest will take 2 hours: Thursday 21: from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm / from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Friday 22: From 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm/ from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Award: The winner of the contest will win a cash prize, which is 300 € and he/she will see his drawing printed on the shirts that the staff of Mostrami wear and the ones that will be sold on Mostrami’s, Folli50 and Music Priority’s websites. Here you can find Mostrami Bando Folly to download with further specifications.  We thank Music Priority, partner in the realization of Mostrami contest and musical evening.

(ITA) Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: programma dal 21 al 24 maggio


Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: Factory opens its doors! Program from 14 to 17 May

Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0 is back from Thursday 14 may to Sunday 17 for the Expo’s month, offering the same contents that you experienced during FuoriSalone: ​​exhibitions, installations, workshops and courses, theater, live music, DJ sets and concerts are still the protagonists of Factory’s days and nights. The program is full of events and meetings, which are open to all of you, to all ages. It begins on Thursday, 14 May (3:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.) with the reopening of space: Recycle course Marketing of art’s pills Friday 15 (3:00 pm - 12:00 a.m.): Creative theatre course Film and painting course Dinner "Art, food & music 4 Nepal" (20: 30-23: 00), which will be a convivial and informal opportunity, where everyone will have the opportunity to do their part to help the earthquake victims. The evening's menu will include Nepalese dishes. The dinner will be accompanied by live painting performance of Mostrami’s artists. Saturday 16 (11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m) Painting course Printing and xylography Theatre course creative Clay course: everyone at table! Concert and live performance of Progetto Glik (21: 00-23: 00): Glik is a vocal group founded in 2012, which consists in a cast of twenty-two young talents between 18 and 26, who performs singing and dancing, with engaging and captivating choreography. Sunday 17th (11:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m.): Painting course Printing and xylography Gardening “Timbri facilissimi” course Courses for children: Creative theatre course: Cooperative Estia, who works with the prisoners for the recovery of those who have transgressed the law, proposes a theater workshop on creativity.  (recommended age 6-10 years); Printing and xylography: Aedo and Calembour Design join their forces to create an exhibition corner, with high educational content. The machines, that come from the Museum of Printing Lodi, are on to show children the ancient printing techniques, which can be tested thanks to the workshops on the woodcut applied to the game. (Recommended age of the participating children 6-12 years); Clay course: Valentina Ceci, a young artist of Mostrami brings all the children at table! Through manipulation of the clay, children will be led to the creation of a "menu" with playing in clay of their favorite foods through a process that has as its objectives the development of their sensory perception, the development of creativity and sense of form, as well as the development of consciousness and attention towards food (recommended age of the participating children 6-12 years). Here's the link to register for classes for children on EventBrite. Classes for youth and adults: Art marketing’s pills: marketing, is an economic science or is an art for the few wizards? Through the course, that will be developed in the different lessons, we will understand how communication and marketing today are precious allies or essential resources in the world of art and for young artists. A very creative journey between the basic rules and all the new practices related to the latest technological developments. The course is addressed to young people and adults, it will be held in 10 classes and is taught by Sandro Aglialoro, manager of Mostrami, and will include the incursion of some colleagues; "Timbri Facilissimi" course: Non Riservato, with the professor Elena Campa, proposes a workshop to produce handmade stamps, made with simple products and replicable at home. At the end of the workshop, everyone will be able to print and take home a custom shirt made during the year together with the kit, containing many stamps; Painting course: The course, addressed to an audience of young people and adults and entirely organized by Mostrami, is hold by our Francesco Messina. He is graduated in Painting and Restoration Sciences. "Lessons of painting techniques" will consist im a short theoretical introduction to the basics of painting and in a small production, guided by the artist. The course is held into two classes; Film & painting course: cinema and painting: two worlds that often can be put together, through a trip of comparisons, addressed to an audience of young people and adults, organized by CorsiCorsari. Here's the link to register for classes for youth and adults on EventBrite. Courses for families and all: Ricicrea course: the workshop, taught by CorsiCorsari consists in transforming into plays everything that usually gets thrown away; paper, cardboard boxes and plastic bottles are turned into puppets and sculptures during this activity devoted to families; Gardening course: the laboratory of Mario Nobile wants to bring the inventiveness and fun of Offfi Milan into this space, proposing to families an opportunity for dialogue and familiarity with nature, by introducing the cultivation of an home garden and the production of organic products; Sunday 17th (second episode): preparation of Kokedama! Here's the link to register for courses for families on EventBrite. Registration is per person and not per household. All laboratory activities are free, but have a maximum number of participants in the course, so you need to register on EventBrite. Please note that children must be accompanied and supervised by their parents, but that the inscription of every child is independent from the parent’s one: the course for children must be registered with the name of every child, while the parent only serves as a guide. To participate in the courses you need to fill the indemnities: Indemnity Adults - Workshops Mostrami Factory Indemnity Children - Workshops Mostrami Factory But Factory goes on and on: Here courses for children 21 to 24 May; Here courses for youth and adults 21 to 24 May. The contents do not end there ... obviously the art will always be the protagonist, so all visitors can visit Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0: the exhibition-"Urban Nourishment" and all installations and exhibitions.

(ITA) Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: ecco i vincitori del contest di street art!


Artistic call for Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: The memory feeds the planet

Young artists, as you have already known, Mostrami launched a super project, whose "preview" is taking life during FuoriSalone's week ... Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0 begin its path along six months, for the whole Expo's months and will propose, during this period, different calls for our collective of MostreEvento, which will ...

Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: here all the exhibitions and shows!

Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0 opens its doors offering many different installations and exhibitions and wants to bring many excellences inside its structure ... In our industrial former space of 4,000 square meters indoor and outdoor 3,000 smq, brought to life by Bracco Foundation, will branch, starting from the outside and ...

Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0 – “Urban Nourishment”: here the artist who will expose!

Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0 opens with its  exhibition "Urban Nourishment", which is also the first of the six  exhibitions related to Expo's theme, which will be implemented in the new space Folli50.0! As you may have heard and read from now from our site, the location is a beautiful industrial former ...

Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0: courses and workshop from April 14th to 19th

Painting, art, design, photography, theater, reuse and recycling … There will be courses for all tastes and all ages! The week of FuoriSalone will be for us a foretaste of our project, during the Expo’s month …. Look at this post and book your seats now! The courses are totally free, but the number of participants is limited.

Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0: all the events from 13rd to 19th April

Art, photography, painting, courses and workshops are not the only contents of Mostrami Factory @ Folli50.0! It’s going to be much entertainment than ever!!! Our creative forge that become an artistic, cultural and social "yard", Folli50.0, that frames many evenings, free, for everyone's tastes....

Young street artists: Mostrami Factory 50.0 launchs a new contest, which is dedicated to you!

For young street artists!, here we are with a proposal for you! As you have already seen on our site, Mostrami is preparing to face a great challenge: the artistic direction of a project, wanted by Bracco Foundation, which aims to be an artistic, cultural and social "yard"....

Exhibition “Da Fuori”. Maurizio Godot Villani, at Castello Sforzesco di Vigevano – Interview to the organizers

In this short interview of the exhibition "Da Fuori", edited and prepared by them, Silvia Ferrari Lilienau Simone Zeni tell us about the project that will be held at the Art Gallery of the Civic Museums Casimiro Ottone Luigi Barni, at Castello Sforzesco, in Vigevano,  from Saturday 28 February to ...

Artistic Call for Mostramy Factory @Copernico: Create, Contaminate, Connect!

Young artists, here is the call you've been waiting for! Mostrami, in collaboration with Copernico for Affordable Art Fair, offers a new opportunity to display in an exceptional location!

Artistic call for Mostrami Factory @Folli50.0: Urban Nourishment

Young artists, Mostrami launches a new "huge" project, which will involve you all! Mostrami Factory will begin its journey over 6 months for EXPO, during the Salone del Mobile (Design Week), which will take place between 14 and 19 April 2015, which proposes you the first call at ......

Digital Humans – The Sociable Side of Technology: here the artists who will exhibit!

Mostrami achieves the prestigious space TIM4EXPO at Palazzo della Triennale with an exhibition dedicated to men and technology.

Young artists: here some new calls for you!

Young artists, we propose a further round of calls for contemporary art, which we hope will please you! Photography, illustration, street art...look for the call that fits you best!

Call for artists for the Exhibition “Digital Humans”: men & technology

Mostrami announces its collaboration with TIM4EXPO on the occasion of the realization of "Digital Humans" an Exhibition within the expositive space TIM4EXPO at Palazzo della Triennale, Milan. So, even and especially in line with the mission of TIM4EXPO, Mostrami gives young video artist and digital artist the opportunity to be part ...

Young artists: here some more calls for you!

Young artists, we’d like to suggest you some more contemporary art calls, which we hope will interest you! The areas of interests are many: painting, sculpture, design, and so on! Take a look: you'll definitely find something for you! Contest “ARTIST IN RESIDENCE” The Artist in Residence program provides for the participation of 30 young artists from all over Europe and the Mediterranean, who from late March to late April 2015 will move to Sicily to create new art works. The selection of artists is made by a scientific committee composed of eminent representatives of each category of the competition (below specification) and will be based on the presentation of a new project, meant to be developed during the stay. The point is to lead artists outside of the traditional circuits of art: the experience out of the institutional centers of artistic production allows the artist to establish a more direct and authentic relationship with the territory and its inhabitants and for them, the artists will design their works. Dead line: February 6, 2015 Sections: painting and sculpture, textile art, goldsmith art and crafts, photography and visual arts as video art and digital art, music and sound compositions. Registration fee: no

(ITA) Bando “Affordable Art Fair cerca Young Talents” 2015


Young artists: here some calls for you!

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