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Mostrami, in collaboration with the Cultural Association MostraMed, presents the Sicily and Sicilians project for the development of sicilian excellences by means of young emerging artists. Focus of the project will be the contemporary art exhibition “Made OF Sicily” to be held in Palermo, 9th-16th of May, at Palazzo Forcella De Seta that will display over 80 works by 20 young sicilian artists on the theme of the excellence of sicilian heritage and culture as well as talks, workshops and conferences about auto-entrepreneurship.

Find out more about the project Sicily and Sicilians and the exhibition Made OF Sicily in Palermo.

Mostrami Srl Impresa Sociale

Legal headquarters : Via Fratelli Cairoli 45, 20851 Lissone (MB)

Operational headquarters: Via Pola 23, 20124 Milano

Mostrami promotes young contemporary art as a tool of social responsibility; doing so, it wants to be the first interlocutor of all public and private organizations that want to develop artistic projects involving young talents. At the same time, Mostrami gives the opportunity to emerging artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, video-artists and street-artists) to show their own value and to cultivate their own passion. The project of Mostrami was born in Milan but month after month it has spread all over Italy becoming the biggest and the most dynamic community of young Italian artists of the country.

Last exhibitions we are proud of: Art Beat Collection Fund, charity exhibition and auction sale to raise funds for the population in central Italy affected by the earthquake; Mostrami Factory @Affordable Art Fair in Milan, from March 18 to 20,  Mostrami Factory @Folli 50.0: un enorme cantiere artistico, culturale e sociale, during the entire Expo2015 period, “Mostrami Factory @Copernico“, in the spaces of the new workplace Copernicus, on March 20, 2015, on the occasion of Art night Out, the white night of art of Affordable Art Fair. See also the previous events organized by Mostrami and keep in touch for new projects!


Expositions and events of June

Here for all of you emerging artists a selection of exhibitions and events that are going to be held on June that attracted our attention. Don't miss them!

Expositions and events of May

Here we are again with a new selection of events and exhibitions for you all, which are going to be held on the month of May. You will even find expositions featuring some young artists of our community, so don't miss them!

Contests and calls: the new opportunities of May for young emerging artists!

Here we are with a new selection of calls and contests dedicated to young and emerging artists: you are going to find contests about sculpture, photography, visual and video art so that you can challenge yourself and prove your skills!

Events made by our new emerging artists

We are back with the next artistic events and exhibitions, featuring (or made by!) our emerging artists. :)
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